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内容摘要: Who is the 2017 red king? These "ho" companies will make money and generous!Recently popular said "Buddha nature." Howe...

Who is the 2017 red king? These "ho" companies will make money and generous!

Recently popular said "Buddha nature." However, as a small base person who could not help but grab red envelopes, he is not resistant to those funds that will make money and are willing to distribute big red envelopes.

Do not Buddha said "indifferent", I just want you, a red envelope.

Although the fund red envelope is essentially the left pocket of the money crunching to the right pocket, but the ability to red envelopes also verify to some extent the fund's ability to make money, but also to make multiple-choice basic syndrome people will pocket the proceeds of Ann. So what are the most domineering funds in this "stingy" red envelope rain this year? Near the end of the year, the list has been glittering, to be announced! Take a look at the current most tycoon funds!

partial stock fund performance color also generous dividend

years fund companies dividend data "described as" rainbow night. According to d statistics, as of 19, fund companies during the year a total of more than 100 million yuan total dividends of 66, and another 30 companies have not yet dividends.

ICBC Credit Suisse Fund dividends up to 5.327 billion yuan. Xingquan, Cathay Pacific Fund Followed by dividends of 35.3435526 billion yuan respectively.


dividends top ten fund companies are mostly large fund companies, including Huaxia Fund , Cathay Pacific Fund, Bank Fund , E Fund , etc., but with a different type of product list.

Top ICBC Credit Suisse Asset Revenue from fixed income products is more than half of the top 10 debt-defying debt funds of the Company. The Xingquan, Cathay Pacific and other fund companies to dividends more equity products. From partial dividend fund dividend point of view, Xingquan trend investment year total amount of 2862000000 yuan, ranked first. Cathay Dragon industry selection, growth of Cathay Pacific Golden Eagle 4 products ranked in the top 20, the amount of dividends are over 400 million yuan.


Analyst said the profit distribution ratio is generally based on the profit available for distribution at the end of the calculation, that is, large-scale good performance of the fund potential bonus is the higher the amount.

Data show that the larger dividend fund this year, most of the performance of the performance of color, and the scale is relatively large. For example, Orient Red Ruifeng had a total return of 52.59% during the year, ranking seventh in terms of yield, with a size of 12.32 billion yuan. During the year, the theme industry in Bosu made a total return of 30.49% during the year with a yield of 8.683 billion yuan, the top 14% of its peers in the same category. From the establishment of the number of years, Xingquan trend investment, Boshi theme industry mix, Guotai Jinlong industry selection and many other generous dividend fund has about 10 years of operating history, with a relatively stable investment style.

The fund is not fully motivated by the dividend

Into December, the frequency of fund dividend has been raised. As of the 19th, there were 166 dividends distributed by the fund, unchanged from the previous month. According to Guo Zhibin, most contracts in open-end funds agree on the maximum number of annual fund distributions and the minimum proportion of fund distribution. The profit distribution ratio is calculated based on the profit available for distribution at the end of the period. In general, the amount of dividends will be more at the end of each year. However, even if the dividend peaked in December, the total amount of fund dividends for the whole year will still be "barren." Data show that during the year there have been 1099 funds total dividends 66.48 billion yuan, and over 200 billion yuan last year, a high dividend compared to a far cry.

From the point of view of fixed products, the bond market performed unsatisfactorily this year, with weaker performance of bond funds . Partial debt funds this year, the amount of dividends substantially reduced to 27.4 billion yuan, 70 products less than 1 million yuan dividend.

In addition to market factors, regulatory toughening is also an important reason for the decrease in the fund's dividend. Insiders said that in the past, many agencies borrowed fund dividends for tax avoidance, and fund companies took the opportunity to obtain short-term scale, management fees and redemption fees. There was a certain degree of gray space. Such acts will dilute the interests of the original holders of the Fund, and the drastic changes in size are not conducive to the operation of fund managers. Therefore, the supervisory authorities stepped up their supervision of the above-mentioned dividend and tax avoidance activities this year.

From the perspective of equity products, more than 80% of the partial stock funds have gained positive returns this year, while the yield of 777 funds has exceeded 20% during the year. However, the total dividend amount of such products is far less than that in 2016.

A northern fund manager said that the current fund dividend is not necessary. In the meantime, the dividend will result in a decline in scale and the selling of some securities will have an impact on the investment. Second, there is a cash dividend, it is better to bring it to market for next year to make more profits.

It should be noted that fund companies are looking forward to next year's market.

Yan Feng, manager of the Silver Fund Investment believes that on the one hand, this round of adjustment has entered a large probability of the late upward direction, although the weight plate is still facing some selling pressure, but the valuation of cost has been shown next year's opportunities can be expected. On the other hand, the interest rate trend of uncertainty and incremental funds have not yet been found, the current should be quietly wait for the timing, while looking for reserve varieties.





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